Arrange periodic visits to expat laborers’ accommodations

Undersecretary of Ministry of Public Works Ismail Al-Failakawi has called on all sectors of the ministry to submit a technical report to him on a monthly basis regarding the progress of work on all technical and administrative contracts of the ministry, irrespective of whether they are construction or consulting services contracts, as well as contracts related to chapters two and three.

The circular issued by Al- Failakawi required all sectors to arrange periodic visits to the accommodations of expatriate laborers working on these contracts and submit a periodic photocopied report about them every three months to the undersecretary’s office , reports Al-Qabas daily. The circular stipulated holding a monthly meeting with the assistant undersecretaries and directors of departments for discussing the various items related to spending the operational budget and comparing it with the approved budget, spending the capital budget, and following up the payments of contractors.

During the meeting, which is to be held in the first week of each month, work developments related to the ministry’s contracts will be discussed, the most important of which is the completion rate of work on these contracts, and crosschecking the completion rate of work with the approved timetable based on the monthly payments.

The discussions will also determine the percentage of disbursement for maintenance and operation contracts and their comparison with the estimated monthly value highlighted in the contract, and to ensure that alternative and future contracts for operation and maintenance are signed before the expiry of the existing contract.

The follow-up process will include the submission of contracts – both initial and final, the disbursement of guarantees and any entitlements to subcontractors and the contractor apparatus to close the contract, in addition to following up the contractors’ claims, and ensuring they are reviewed and decided upon.

Source : Arab Times

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