Travel agencies begin to offer packages for expats from 31 restricted countries

The travel agencies have began to offer a “package” for expats from the 31 restricted countries to return back to Kuwait for prices ranging between 260 and 500 dinars per person.

The travel agencies have already started with this service and prices are based on 3 main criteria which are air ticket, hotel stay depending on package for single or double occupancy, ticket to Kuwait. The PCR test and food option are additional.

Egyptians returning from Egypt generally board flights from Sohag and Cairo through Emirates, where they stay in Sharjah, they have additional cost of visa and hotel accommodation for 14 days

Hotel accommodation options depends upon package, it varies from 325 to 260 dinars depending on double or single occupancy. The total cost does not include PCR test when the customer is on transit.

For 4 star hotels package depending on airlines, prices are higher for a single occupancy it is KD 500, which provides transit in Dubai whereas this package includes health insurance.

Source- Arab Times

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