MOCI in pursuit of online apps that illegally sell valuable goods

 Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been monitoring a number of electronic apps that are specialized in selling and delivering goods and do not have any link with celebrities or “fashionistas”, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting official sources. They indicated that any app that is proven to have carried out illegal operations will be referred to the Public Prosecution immediately.

Meanwhile, the sources affirmed that the social media site Instagram, based on a complaint received from local supervisory authorities, has agreed to close down 12 accounts belonging to Kuwaitis, but refused to take any measures against 42 accounts that deal with auctioning valuable goods.

They said the company running Instagram site justified its refusal to close down the 42 accounts due to lack of compelling evidence incriminating those responsible for them or proving their illegal actions.

The sources stressed that a team formed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Public Authority for Communications and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Interior is continuing to communicate with the officials in Instagram, provide them with additional documents that may dissuade the company from its opinion, and urge them to respond to the request of the Kuwaiti authorities to close more accounts accused of conducting illegal business.

The sources highlighted that all the accounts that the Kuwaiti authorities have requested to close down are concerned with selling cars, luxury watches and other valuable personal effects.

They explained that the accounts monitored by the regulatory authorities in Kuwait do not include the names of celebrities or “fashionistas”, but rather follow people through which they engage in commercial activities that may be infringing. It is believed that they were used for internal or possibly external money laundering operations, especially since some of these accounts carry out deals worth hundreds of thousands of dinars through live auctions on watches, precious jewelry, and luxury cars.

Source- Arab Times

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