Illegally obtained driving licenses will be rejected

 The new driving licenses of Kuwait are distinguished in terms of specifications and are probably of the latest kind in the world, as they have modern security features that conform to international standard ISO-18013 that would make forgery impossible.

The source highlighted that the Ministry of Interior had recently announced the launch of new driving licenses, which will initially be issued to citizens via the traffic departments in various governorates and via the electronic machines installed in the Avenues Mall and Al-Kout Mall, adding that renewal or replacement of lost and damaged driving licenses will also be carried out in these locations.

He indicated that the next step is the issuance of these licenses for all citizens and expats, revealing that the Ministry of Interior, from the beginning of the year 2021, is expected to oblige about two and a half million people to replace their current licenses, of which one million and 650 thousand are expatriates and about 800 thousand are Kuwaiti citizens. The source said obtaining these licenses will require the person to pay the fines of all the traffic violations recorded against the motorist, and review the implementation of the provisions if there are obstacles before being allowed to issue.

He explained that the new licenses would reject the renewal of all driving licenses obtained illegally or under exceptions and may require the presentation of identification documents online if found that the license holder did not comply with the requirements at the time of issuance. Also, renewal of licenses will be rejected for those who changed their profession for licenses that were issued after 2013, provided a grace period is granted to replace old licenses with new ones, rendering the old licenses invalid.

Source- Arab Times.

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