‘Withdraw all decisions of previous minister’

The Fatwa and Legislative Department has responded to the Ministry of Social Affairs about reviewing all decisions issued in the era of the former Minister of Social Affairs Dr Ghadeer Asiri to determine the extent of its legality, and in its overall response, indicated the need to withdraw all decisions, reports Al- Jaridah daily quoting reliable sources.

The same sources added “among the decisions is the reshuffling of some assistant undersecretaries, noting the decision was revoked to allow their return to previous sectors; thus Salem Al-Rashidi returns to his former post as the assistant undersecretary for cooperative affairs, Abdul Aziz Sari Al-Mutairi for Planning and Administrative Development, and Musallam Al-Subaie for Legal Affairs.

Dr Asiri had taken over the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor portfolio for only 43 days, after which she tendered her resignation on January 29, following a parliamentary interpellation.

Source : Arab Times

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