‘Factories at risk of stopping due to 14-day quarantine for arrivals’

Industrial milieus are preparing to submit an urgent petition to Cabinet to express concerns that a number of Kuwaiti factories have stopped working due to the refusal of many foreign engineers and technicians (European national in particular) to come to Kuwait under the 14-day home quarantine imposed by the authorities on those entering the country, reports Al-Anba daily.

Responsible industrial sources affirmed that a number of factories have completed a petition to be submitted to the Council of Ministers at the end of the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday after several production lines in their factories stopped working due to the need for technical maintenance by engineers and technicians from the parent companies that manufacture the production lines.

The engineers and technicians in question refuse to come to Kuwait, because they do not want to stay in home quarantine for 14 days as they have other work obligations in different countries.

The sources said the Kuwaiti factories were awaiting the start of Kuwait International Airport on Aug 1 to bring in technicians specialized in operating machinery, equipment and production lines in their factories, some of which were stopped during the total ban period especially as some of these lines are still under warranty by the patent companies.

They noted maintenance also requires specialists and technicians from those companies but they’re surprised that the specialists are refusing to come to Kuwait under the current circumstances.

They added the specialists confirm their willingness to come if only they’ll be allowed to leave after a maximum of one week due to their association with other maintenance schedules in different countries around the world, saying it is not logical to spend 14 days in quarantine at the expense of their work in other countries.

The same sources confirmed that the petition to be submitted to Cabinet includes a proposal that a new PCR examination be conducted for specialists coming to Kuwait, in addition to the examination carried out by those from their countries as a condition to enter Kuwait, and then allowing them to visit the factories two days after their entry into Kuwait, so that the Kuwaiti factories can continue their work without interruption. This is important considering the need for the work and products of these factories to continue in the face of the pandemic conditions.

They warned of the danger of some main production lines stopping work in the coming days, unless this matter is taken seriously by working to solve the compulsory quarantine problem for those coming to Kuwait, especially as it affects all economic sectors in the country, and not just the industrial sector.

Source : Arab Times

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