Expats can enter Kuwait after spending 14 days in non-listed banned countries

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation in its statement stated that it will allow entry of expats from 31 countries who are currently prohibited from entering Kuwait if he/she has spent 14 constitutive days in countries which are not banned.

For example if a Filipino wants to come to Kuwait, he/she can enter Kuwait provided has not spent 14 constitutive days in 31 countries listed below.

Expats coming directly or via transit from China, Egypt, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Syria, Spain, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Mexico, Indonesia, Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Italy, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Montenegro, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Brazil, Colombia and Armenia will not be allowed to enter Kuwait.

The earlier circular issued on 30th July has been cancelled.

Source : Arab Times

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