Medical waste incinerator pending Municipality licenses, claims MoH

Ministry of Health affirmed that the new Kabd incinerator for medical waste is intended for private medical sector’s health centers and hospitals, and that officials are still waiting for special licenses from Kuwait Municipality before starting works such as excavations and preparation of the site, after the delay caused by the corona pandemic, reports Al- Qabas daily.

The daily quoting health sources added the incinerator will be serving the health centers and hospitals in private sector, saying, “there are currently two burners in Al-Shuaiba and a third in Kabd, which is allocated for receiving medical waste from the health facilities in government sector”.

This incinerator will contribute to relieving pressure on the three incinerators when work begins there, especially with the expansion and increase in the number of private centers and hospitals, they indicated. They revealed that Ministry of Health is planning to establish a third incinerator in Kabd region to be specific; as part of its future expansion plans to keep pace with developments in the health facilities and to increase their number, indicating the Ministry is following the best safe methods for the disposal of medical waste, and that all incinerators of the sector are considered environment-friendly.

Regarding the new Kabd incinerator for private sector, sources indicated the Ministry will ensure that it receives 3 million dinars from the project’s execution agency within 10 years, which is the contract period between the two parties, provided that the ownership of equipment and devices used in burning the medical waste, as well as the site used for the incinerator is returned to Ministry of Health after that period expires.

He stressed that the ministry has put two maximum and minimum ceilings in front of the execution agency for the incinerator services, such as collecting 600 dinars per month as the maximum ceiling from hospitals and the major private centers, 300 dinars from intermediate health facilities, and 50 dinars as the minimum ceiling from the small centers and clinics operating in private sector when launching the work in them.

Source : Arab Times