‘Children glued to their video games in lockdown are likely to become violent’

The lockdown and curfew during the Corona pandemic served as a ticking time-bomb for children who remained glued to their ‘Playstation’ — the games that encouraged them to kill and slice human beings with ease through these devices, in addition to some of the games which are available plentiful on the mobile phones which unfortunately served as a breeding ground for some youngsters to become ISIS members.

The daily polled the opinions of people (specialists) in this area and most of them narrated the danger of these games to children, and demanded that parents need to monitor children to protect them and rather impart in them the habit of reading.

A science expert Dr. Muhammad Al-Razzaz says the prolonged lockdown period during Corona, if not exploited in a positive way, can be devastating for children in terms of their behavior, since the games spread across the Internet and PlayStation teach children to kill. Most of these children get addicted to these games which control their minds and thoughts and establish a virtual violent society.

Children are in a state of war and competition, and this matter reflects on the child’s real life, and this is why children are driven towards violence with friends, siblings, and classmates. Al-Razzaz said those violent and dangerous games change the behavior of the child by creating in them aggressiveness, especially games that are available “online” via the Internet via mobile or Playstation.

He indicated the sociologists have warned against those lethal games such as the blue whale game, which requires from children some personal data and some children have even committed suicide because of these games.

He stressed the importance of parental control of children, and the Internet must be available in part of the house and not everywhere so that parents can monitor their children.

Al-Razzaz advised parents to keep their children away from these games during the the Corona crisis and instead talk to the children about patriotism or provide books that are appropriate to their age. Khaled Mohammad says the Corona period forced children to stay put in their homes for long periods and this allowed them to have access to dangerous electronic games via the Internet and Playstation and these games can turn some children into ‘ISIS’ elements — all this courtesy of the era of technological development the emergence of smart phones and developed traditional games to modern high-quality electronic games.

Professor of Psychology at the Kuwait University Dr Khader Bairon spoke of the dangers for children who spend most of their time playing electronic games, either during the quarantine period or in other normal times.

These games only help to increase the tempo of anger in these children as most of them suffer from stress and increased heartbeat, as many of them prefer isolation from society and become psychological ill, introvert and isolationists.

Sociologist Dr. Muhammad Al-Muhanni notes that children in the past did not have the dangerous games as now so they did not suffer from mental illnesses but now the parents tend to destroy their children by allowing them to have access to these electronic games without realizing that these games destroy the society.

In a study by Professor of Computer Educational at the King Saud University in Riyadh, he demonstrated that violence doubles by playing the high-tech games that characterize today’s games. The games give them the capabilities and skills of violence and aggression that ultimately lead them to commit crimes.

Source : Arab Times