297,000 Kuwaitis and 77,000 expats work in government sector

According to senior government sources, there are 297,000 Kuwaitis and 77,000 expatriates working in the government ministries, authorities and institutions. These expatriates workers include 34,000 doctors and nurses, 24,000 teachers, 7,000 messengers and cleaners, and 2,200 imams and muezzins, which makes their number 67,200 in total, rendering the number of expatriates in all jobs to be 9,800 whose jobs have undergone Kuwaitization.

In the jobs relating to law, politics and Islamic affairs, there are 3,347 expatriates, including 2,200 preachers, imams and muezzins, reports Al-Anba daily. By replacing the expatriates, there will be 1,147 legal experts, with only six percent distributed among all ministries, and 16,906 Kuwaiti legal experts constituting 94 percent. The targeted percentage of Kuwaitization in this legal sector is 88 percent, as there are no legal experts awaiting employment in the government.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is preparing to announce a new batch of candidates to work in ministries and government agencies after the registration door for employment closes on Friday, July 31, provided that the remaining employment process will continue in complete transparency within two weeks after the Eid Al-Adha holidays.

Source : Arab Times

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