DGCA issues health protocol circular for commercial operation at the airport

The General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular on health protocol to be followed for commercial operation at Kuwait International Airport and a guide for authorities to restart commercial flights.

The Deputy Director General of Kuwait Airport Affairs, Saleh Al-Fadaghi, said in a press statement that the protocol includes all procedures pertaining to random inspection for expats and the procedures for arrival and departure at Kuwait International Airport.

Al-Fadaghi said that the procedures include must to follow rules for the travelers / passengers in airport premises in what to wear for continuous protection and sterilization, also adhering to the instructions on social distancing and reducing touch as much as possible.

Departing passengers will not be allowed to carry hand luggage in the plane except small bags of medicine, personal items and children’s requirements.

The instructions also included that entry into the airport terminals is allowed only for employees and travelers, with the exception of those with special needs, the elderly and special cases that require assistance of one companion for them to enter the airport.

The instructions also include to book tickets online and receive tickets via email to avoid use of paper tickets to reduce possible infection. Failure to adhere to the procedures mentioned in the guide will be deemed as a violator and the laws related apply.

The travelers should be present at the airport 4 hours prior to the departure. Kuwaiti travelers should register on (Kuwait Travelers) application and should show the barcode obtained from registration at various stages of travel besides having health insurance reports Al Rai.

PCR tests accredited laboratories / centers for Egyptians:

Several laboratories in Cairo conduct a PCR test for travelers to Kuwait during the coming period. The tests are conducted only 4 days prior to departure.
The accredited laboratories are the “Ain Shams University” laboratory, “Cairo University” laboratories, and the “Kasr El-Einy” laboratories in El-Manial.

The Egyptian Ministry of Immigration published the names of 13 labs for analyzing the PCR in Northern Egypt for its nationals to return to Kuwait.

The centers were as follows (Aswan – Himayat Al Aswan), (Luxor – Himayat Al Luxor 2), (Qena – Himayat of Qena), (Sohag – Akhmim), (Asyut – Sadr Asyut), (Minya – Himayat Al Minya) (Jarahat – Samalut), ( Beni Suef – Beni Suef University – Joint Laboratories), (Al Wadi – General Kharga, Dakhla General), (Fayoum – Fayoum General)

Source : Arab Times

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