Police patrols must organize Friday Market entry

The Friday Market Administration has confirmed that it adheres to all instructions issued by the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health and takes all precautions measures health before opening the market, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The administration in a press statement said it sterilized all the market stalls, administrative offices, toilets and even fences in addition to providing all necessary amenities for the comfort of the visitors.

The company added the number of supervisors has been increased at the gates and inside the market to ensure that no one enters the market if he/she is ill.

This is in addition to the social distancing at all stands indicating the market administration has fulfilled its duty towards providing health protection to all visitors and workers inside the market.

Sources explained that what happened on the first day of the market opening is that large numbers of people entered the market during the first hours and the Municipality had to close the gates as people scrambled to enter.

The company stressed its responsibility is inside the market and that it has already taken the necessary measures towards that direction and what happened outside the market does not fall within its responsibility and stressed the re-opening must be done in cooperation and coordination with the security authorities by providing patrols outside the gates to organize entry to the market.

Source : Arab Times

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