Receiving salaries seems like a dream these days – ‘Difficult to live under these conditions’

Hundreds of workers employed by security and cleaning companies including security guards are facing financial difficulties as they have not received their salaries for the last three months, which is one of many negative effects endured by people of minor professions during the COVID-19 crisis.

One of the security guards said receiving their humble salary of KD 90 per month is now like “a dream” for him and his other colleagues, as they have not received their salaries for three months. He stressed, “In light of the disruption of schools and the absence of teachers, it is difficult to live under these conditions” In a video clip the security guard directed to all concerned individuals and entities, he indicated that people are tired of asking, adding, “Even though many people are helping us, asking people for help is not easy. All we want is our dignity and rights”.

Highlighting the fact that the ministries have been transferring the dues they owe to the companies every month, he said he wondered why these companies are delaying in paying the salaries at least after every two months.

The security guard concluded his message by saying he and his colleagues are killing their youth in work and being far from home in order to provide a decent life for their families, but it has unfortunately become difficult to provide for them under the current circumstance. He revealed that, “We pay the company KD 350 annually as the residency fee. In case of late payment, we have to pay the penalty of KD 2 per day”. He called on the ministries to impose pressure on the companies to pay their salaries and dues, which have now become a dream to receive.

Meanwhile, an official from the educational sector outlined the reasons behind the delay in the disbursement of the salaries to couriers, school guards and cleaners. He said it is due to the lack of approval of the new budget law for government agencies, as the company invoices for the months of April and May are awaiting budget approval, adding that once they are approved, these invoices will be transferred to the bank and then to the companies.

The official affirmed that the situation affects the school guards and couriers in the ministry’s general office and the educational zones, adding, “We wait for the green light from the Ministry of Finance to disburse the salaries of cleaners, in light of the end of the fiscal year in April, and the failure to incorporate it in the new budget to this date.” (Al Rai)

Source : Arab Times

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