Kuwait’s Friday market opens after 4 months break

After the restrictions on Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula areas were lifted the owners of stalls in the Friday market booked their spaces again and moved their goods to the market after a break of 4 months due to coronavirus crisis.

An official source in the municipality confirmed that the opening of the market will be on Friday and the plans were drawn to arrange and organize among the stall owners in cooperation with the municipality to receive public.

One of the conditions for entering the market is the obligation to wear masks and gloves, in addition to implementing health requirements related to restaurants and groceries.

Due to lockdown of Jleeb area the laborers were most of the laborers reside and were unavailable it hindered opening of market last Friday. The market turnout is expected to be large and would restore buying and selling as it use to be.

The source said that the fees for the rental space is fixed and they have not been changed according to the rumors which were going around. Any platform that violates the procedures and requirements will be dealt immediately due to numbers of the stalls and the extent of the commitment by their tenants to place their goods within the specified framework.

Regarding imposing a financial fine on those who are not obligated to wear a mask, it was made it clear that health requirements is imposed on everyone to abide by them, and therefore must comply with the decisions issued by the Ministry of Health.

No number was specified to enter the market as the market is open to the public but must adhere to social distancing and not to be crowded into one location is a must.

Cleaning and handling workers will be available as this role is assigned to the stall owners and municipality has nothing to do with it.

Source : Arab Times

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