‘Kuwaiti eggs production reaches 1 bln, consumed by local market’

Agricultural expert Mohammad Al-Fureih affirmed that the production of the egg production companies in Kuwait reaches one billion annually, and all quantities produced are consumed, because citizens and expatriates prefer local eggs over the other types, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a statement to the daily,

Al-Fureih explained that Kuwaiti eggs are better and preferred over other types of eggs, so the huge quantities produced are all sold and dispensed quickly without storing them for longer periods due to lack of storage facilities in some establishments.

On the impact of the coronavirus pandemic crisis on the local egg market, Al-Fureih noted the effect is minimal. He explained the general consumption level is normal with the exception of a slight drop in purchase caused by the number of people exiting the country, noting Kuwaiti eggs are exported to other markets in the neighboring Gulf countries, and Iraq.

He added: The local producers allocated farms for exporting eggs due to the large demand witnessed before the coronavirus crisis, noting those farms do not cover the local markets. He pointed out that Gulf countries recently resorted to importing eggs from Turkey, Hungary and Ukraine for various reasons, and Kuwait is one of the top countries that consume chicken, with share per capita of 45 kilograms or 160,000 tons, in both frozen and fresh chicken, if the population is estimated to be 4 million.

He indicated the annual chicken production reaches 35 million, at rates ranging between 10 and 20 thousand chickens per day, distributed throughout the year. On the reasons for the increasing local consumption rate, Al-Fureih explained it has more to do with lack of pork consumption which is the same in other countries, in addition to low demand for beef, lack of fish quantities in the markets, and demand for mutton.

Al-Fureih pointed to the possibility of the State covering the demand of broiler chicken production following a specific policy initiated some time ago through the distribution of 100 farms in the Shaqaya area.

He stressed that 20 farms have been distributed so far to one of the companies, and 80 will be distributed later. He stated the importance of granting 10 farms to each production company and ensuring the production requirements are met, saying he prefers a chicken that weighs one kilogram to the one weighing less than a kilogram.

Source : Arab Times

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