Filing absenteeism complaints against employees during lockdown period not permitted

In order to preserve rights of private sector workers and to protect them from abuse, Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) disallowed filing of complaints by the business owners and companies against their employees of staying absent during Corona crisis.

Sources told that the Commission took this decision after dozens of malicious complaints were filed by some employers who tried to dodge the labor law so that employees will loose their financial rights, end contracts and send them back to their country.

The instructions from the labor department was clear and strict, not to accept any report against any employees absenteeism by companies since the corona crisis began in the country.

Al Qabas stated that the complaints registered prior to the Corona crisis are considered and verified and then cases are transferred to the competent authorities two months after the date of submission to complete the papers.

Only after verification a ‘block’ is placed on the absent worker in coordination with the Investigation Affairs. The sources stated that the total number of complaints filed during 2019 exceeded 10,000 complaints, stating that the worker has 60 days rights to file grievance before taking legal measures against him.

Source : Arab Times

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