Ministries Complex takes precautionary health measures to receive staff, visitors

The ministerial complex is ready to implement the second phase of “the return to normal life” plan, through special preparations to receive employees and clients in the coming phase and in accordance with a tight work plan accompanying all precautionary health measures in the face of the spread of COVID-19.

According to information obtained by the daily, the Ministries Complex will open eight entry points that will all be equipped with thermal cameras. These cameras can measure the temperatures of up to 30 people at a time.

Each of the four main gates will be equipped with two thermal cameras at the entry points where most of the staff and clients visiting the complex will be received.

Each of the other four entrances will be equipped with one thermal camera for those coming from the parking lots in the basement up to the escalators.

Also, sanitizer-dispensing devices have been installed throughout the complex’s compound which would enable the staff and clients to continuously sanitize their hands.

Awareness posters with the precautionary health measures to be followed have been placed in a manner that can be viewed by anyone entering the complex and at various strategic points within the complex.

These posters are aimed to remind the public about the necessary health guidelines they need to adhere to such as social distancing and the need to wear face masks, as well as to use the sanitizers available throughout the complex, and strictly refrain from smoking within the complex.

Regarding the reception of clients, the complex management and security personnel are authorized to receive only those who have taken prior appointment.

The administration of the complex is in coordination in this regard with all concerned and relevant authorities within the complex. All these bodies will have log books with the names and dates of the clients who visited the complex.

Source : Arab Times

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