Public expats to go … not doctors, nurses

Senior government sources said in exclusive statements that Civil Service Commission has only two years to reach the ratios approved in 2017 concerning the plan to replace expatriates with Kuwaitis in many jobs and specialties except for medical and nursing jobs.

The sources indicated the proportions mentioned in the decision of Civil Service Commission were implemented over the past two years, and that substitution is being implemented in the current fiscal year for the third year, noting it remains only two years to end the services of all expatriates employed across the public sector in their various administrative, technical, legal, educational and other specialties.

“With regard to training, teaching and educational jobs for instance, we achieved 70 percent replacement at the initial stage and attained 73 percent two years later”, they added, noting the Commission, in cooperation with relevant government agencies, was able to achieve a higher percentage after only two years.

Concerning law jobs, they said “88 percent is required and we have now achieved 83 percent, while engineering jobs required 97 percent and we’ve achieved 95 percent”.

On administrative support jobs, the required proportion is 100 percent and we have achieved 98 percent within two years, while “financial, economic and commercial jobs required 95 percent but we have been achieved 96 percent”.

Jobs in sports, social and educational services required 97 percent replacement and we achieved 95 percent, he added. He further stated the required percent for systems and information technology jobs was 100 percent but we’ve already achieved 97 percent.

For media, public relations and ethics jobs, the required proportion is 100 percent, and we have achieved 97 percent, while science jobs that required 95 percent has already accomplished 85 percent. ”The livestock, agricultural and aquatic life jobs required 75 percent replacement and we’re able to achieve 79 percent, and the required percentage in the functions of forensic evidence and rescue was 98 percent, which has been achieved. In the area of development, administrative follow-up and statistics, the required percentage was 100 percent, and we achieved 97 percent, while 98 percent of the required 100 percent marine jobs has been accomplished with 560 Kuwaitis and 9 non-Kuwaitis,” they informed As for the positions of doctors and nurses, they were excluded from the application of the replacement policy.

MP submits proposal
MP Muhammad Hadi Al- Hewailah submitted a proposal to nationalize all jobs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the Kuwaiti embassies and consulates in various parts of the world.

He pointed out that Kuwait has an increasing number of graduates who are waiting for jobs, while a large number of jobs at the ministry are occupied by expatriates.

Source : Arab Times

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