Atmosphere of happiness in Hawally

On the morning of the first day of the lifting of the isolation from the Hawally region which lasted for three weeks the residents of the region crossed over the boundaries of Hawally that were barricaded to express their joy. <br><br>While the life returned to normal the supermarkets continued to operate according to the previous mechanism .

During the tour of Hawally region an expat Tariq Hussein said that he was happy about lifting isolation from the Hawally region, as he was spending his spare time before this crisis by going for fishing daily to the sea. He hoped that the lifting of the isolation would be a return to work again as he spent six months at home after an heart operation, he expressed his thanks to the leaders, government and people of Kuwait for their humanity and their distribution of food to the residents of the Hawally region during this crisis.

Hoda Ghamroush, she said that her day had changed as she was able to take her children out in Hawally after they stayed at home throughout the past period for a change from a depressed atmosphere and that they are all committed to all health requirements like social distancing and wearing masks and gloves.

Bilal Riyad expressed his happiness after isolation was lifted from the Hawally region, so that people can return to work after a long break, hoping that this cloud will be removed from Kuwait and other Muslim countries.

Suad Al-Nassar said that she is very happy that the isolation from the Hawally region has been lifted, hoping that people will continue to take precaution to protect their families from the spread of the virus. She added that the lifting of the isolation will have a psychological impact rather than a practical one, as she and her family continue to stay at home and go out only if it is necessary by taking all preventive measures such as washing anything they buy from groceries before using it has become a habit for them during this crisis.

The director of Hawally Cooperative Society, Muhammad Al-Matooq, said that de-isolating Hawally region increased significant amount of customer turnout from several regions, the mechanism of entering the cooperative with a barcode continues with full commitment to all health requirements in order to preserve the health of all workers and customers. He stated that food stocks are widely available enough for a year in advance.

Maurice Machaalani as resident of Hawally hoped that the isolation will be lifted from all areas, and that the situation will return to what it was before this crisis currently I feel as though we are 20 years behind, but we thank God for everything.

Source: Arab Times

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