250 daily random house to house swab test begins

The sources at the Ministry of Health revealed that the Ministry’s teams began implementing random surveys and medical checks in all areas of Kuwait. The sources confirmed that teams from the Public Health Department began yesterday to implement surveys and medical checks from one house in every street in the regions, where only one person is randomly chosen to know whether he/she, is or was infected or not or was infected and recovered. On daily basis 120-250 people will be randomly chosen for smear tests. As for the blood test, it focuses on the presence of antibodies and the possibility of the person recovering without showing any symptoms on it. The test will determine to implement the policy of herd immunity or not especially in case of monitoring large numbers like those who have recovered not even knowing that they were infected.

If more than 40% of those who are to be tested are cured as a part of herd immunity policy, then this cases will put forth to take necessary steps to move to next stage.

The sources stated that the teams will approach without prior dates as their efforts are to target all Kuwaitis and expats to ensure that infection rates are contained and any interesting facts are monitored and controlled.

Source: Arab Times

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