Expats want to flee Mahboula as soon as isolation ends

As a precautionary measures to confront the pandemic of emerging corona virus (COVID 19) hotspots areas like Hawally, Farwaniya, Khaitan, Mahboula and Jleeb Al Shuyoukh have been isolated.

Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula areas have been isolated for almost 3 months. ​​Jleeb area was justified for isolation as it is known as region of expat bachelors, where there is a massive menial workers accumulated and are a major reason for outbreak.

On other hand Mahboula area differs greatly from Jleeb as there are various levels of expat population, there are highly educated expats and also there is a large presence of many menial workers affiliated with companies that have rented buildings and complexes due to low rents.

There are large complexes inhabited by European, American citizens and expats of various nationalities and they are working in high and important position, some of them work in the American army and in oil companies.

Isolating Mahboula area have put these expats of those nationalities in a sorry state, many of whom are now planning to flee the area immediately after the isolation has been removed from that area especially after they suffered due to lack of services.

For past 3 months some expats in Mahboula have complained over unjustly implementation of isolation on them for many reasons a large group of foreigners (Europeans and Americans) living who are having prominent positions, in addition to the Kuwaitis who have been treated like other marginal workers.

They stressed that Mahboula lacks basic services such as the Cooperatives, stating that one of the schools was chosen and equipped and created as a branch of a cooperative society that does not meet all the needs.

For requirements of the people they were bringing from cooperative societies and super markets from the neighboring areas and due to isolation they were prevented from leaving the area.

According to the residents of Mahboula, the region lacks a center for distribution of gas cylinders and other family supplies. Many foreigners, especially Americans and Europeans spoke of their desire to move to another area immediately after ending isolation of Mahboula.

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