Sales in drastic dip as restaurant owners lament losses due to total Khaitan curfew

A number of restaurant owners and managers who operate in the Khaitan region have expressed their dismay with the conditions their restaurants are going through due to the total curfew imposed on the region, stressing that their daily sales have decreased by as much as 90 percent compared to normal days, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

They told the newspaper they are facing the worst conditions at present, in light of the decrease in sales that are barely sufficient to pay rent and salaries of workers, pointing out they gradually inching towards a kind of ‘bankruptcy’.

In the context, one of the owners of a restaurant, who identified himself as Abusam, described what the restaurants in general and his restaurant in particular are experiencing hardships.

He said, he pays 14,000 dinars rent per month in addition to the workers’ wages, while the property owner turns a deaf ear to forego the rent or even reduce it. To make matters worse, sales do not exceed 10 percent of the normal days, he added. He explained he currently keeps the restaurant open for the sake of not losing his customers and his reputation, but as for the income he said he profits nothing.

He employs more than 60 workers and right now all them are in their houses with no work. “I try to help them to beat their hunger and the burdens of life as much as possible because it no fault of theirs of what has happened.” Walid Hamad, director of one of the shawarma restaurants, said the truth is that sales do not exceed 10 percent, as we used to sell in the normal days food worth approximately 400 dinars, for example, but now it does not exceed 30 dinars per day. “We open the restaurant now in order to secure personal expenses only for workers in the restaurant.”

He added, what makes matters worse is that the total ban prevents us from delivering requests to the neighboring areas in Farwaniya, Al-Omariya, Al-Yarmouk and other adjacent areas, in addition to that the ban makes the time limit for work short, as we close the shop at five-and-a-half in compliance with laws and instructions.

Hamad added all restaurants face difficult times and losses due to regional isolation, and we pray to God to remove this cloud and this epidemic that has destroyed the economy of entire countries and institutions, stressing the commitment of workers in the restaurant to all precautionary measures such as wearing masks, gloves and sterilization, in implementation of all health measures and to preserve their safety and that of customers in the restaurant.

Source : Arab Times

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