Decision on lifting isolation on Thursday – Mahboula alongside with Hawally

The Council of Ministers approved the guidelines for re-opening activities of second and third phases for gradual return to normalcy plan while adhering to the health requirements and deadlines for carrying out activities.

The cabinet did not take any decisions in its meeting regarding lifting isolation from areas which are isolated areas such as Hawally, Khaitan, Farawaniya, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula.

The issue will be brought up to the Supreme Ministerial Committee who follow up on day to day basis on coronavirus infection and its spread, on Thursday report will be submitted and then to the cabinet meeting on the same day.

There has been a decrease in the infection rates in the Mahboula area, which makes them a candidate alongside with Hawally.

The Cabinet renewed the call for citizens and expats to adhere to health requirements to achieve criteria for moving on to the second stage of the plan for the gradual return to normal life until the epidemic is contained and eliminated.

Source : Arab Times

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