Jleeb residents waiting in anticipation for last 4 months

Thousands of workers line up under the shade of the Conocarpus trees near the police station, without protection from summer heat waiting in anticipation looking for a job opportunity that would provide them with their daily food at a time where work is scarce due to disruption of work in the country due to pandemic of novel coronavirus.

The bachelors area who live in alleys of Jleeb with sadness and pain can be seen everywhere. Some of workers stated that they have been suffering now for last 4 months as they use to work for construction companies and cleaning companies.

They have no other solutions in this crisis, except patience and waiting in the hope of a breakthrough that will bring them back to life.

Jleeb workers who live in dozens in shared apartments at the expense of companies if they are free from the infection then they are exposed the bitter reality of unemployment. It is important to ring the bells and conduct medical test in this area.

Source : Arab Times

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