Churches in Kuwait preparing to re-open

After a 3-month of suspension of services in churches of Kuwait, preparation to reopen and receive worshipers have been going on in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

The churches were sterilized and cleaned yesterday and a plan was drawn up to organize entry and exit from them.

Sterilization of church from inside

Church authorities stated that Kuwait is a place of tolerance and coexistence of religions and religious rites are freely practiced among various communities in Kuwait.

The head of the Maronite parish in the State of Kuwait, the Archbishop Raymond Eid, revealed the readiness of the Church to open and receive its faithfuls from the Christian community about a month from now, saying the numbers are large and we cannot risk their lives.

Eid said in a statement to a plan to sterilize the church, stating “we agreed with a sterilization company to do this, in order to preserve the safety of the people. We are not ready to endanger people’s lives at the present time”.

Sterilization of church from outside

The Maronite Catholic Church, located near the Sheraton, is frequented by some 200,000 people of various nationalities during the holidays. It is difficult to control the entry and exit process at the present time.

He appreciated the efforts made by all the ministries of state and Kuwait under the leadership of His Highness the Amir, as well as those working in the front lines in order to secure the life of the community from citizens and expats; All thanks and appreciation to them and to pay homage to them, wishing kindness from God and awaiting viable and effective medicine for this epidemic.

Source : Arab Times

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