Return of 62 advisors from Egypt important – Work held up

Head of the Court of Appeals Counselor Mohammad bin Naji stressed the need for the Ministry of Justice to find solutions to enable 62 advisors who are stuck in Egypt to return to the country at their own expense.

In a press statement, he explained that 29 of these advisors work for the appellate circles and 15 in Cassation circles. The rest are distributed among the various judicial bodies.

Their return is important for the resumption of work in the courts. The advisors of the Court of Appeals are from at least 25 departments in the court. Some of them work in other departments to issue rulings. Their stay in Egypt is unjustified, especially since they wish to return to the country to complete their work.

Regarding denial of access to the courts for attorneys’ representatives and the need for prior electronic reservations to enter, Counselor Naji stated that the Supreme Judicial Council mandated the Ministry of Justice to create a portal to implement that decision, which was issued by the health authorities, until work resumes fully in all courts.

He stressed that the decision aims at implementing the health requirements such as social distancing and avoiding gatherings, highlighting that the appellate courts are restricted from looking into more than six cases per day in order to prevent crowds and gathering inside the halls.

Counselor Naji indicated that the criminal judicial departments in the appellate circles have resumed work, and the rest of the departments will be joining them from July 1, adding that the notification departments will undertake procedures for the cases that will be considered in July.

Source : Arab Times

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