Kuwait to start commercial flights in 3 stages

The Minister of State for Services and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Mubarak Al-Haris chaired a meeting at the General Administration of Civil Aviation to discuss the plan to restart commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport, as well as the administration’s plan to return official work.

Al-Haris said in a press statement today during the meeting a presentation submitted by officials of the Civil Aviation included details of the plan for the gradual operation of commercial flights to and from Kuwait International Airport where detailed explanation of the plan that the administration will follow to return to gradual return to work according to the decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the plan for the gradual return to life in the country.

Al-Harais stressed that the plan developed by the “Civil Aviation” to operate commercial flights is based on 3 progressive stages, in first stage 30% flights will start where in the second stage increases to 60% and up to the third and final stage will operate in full operational phase in the State of Kuwait.

Arab Times 

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