Restaurants, Cafes allowed for take-a-ways and home delivery no dining allowed

The Kuwait Municipality announced that the permitted non-food shops are currently operating through electronic platforms and telephone only during the period they are allowed to practice the activity.

The municipality said in a press statement today, Sunday, that it has specified the working hours of the shops and the activities that are allowed to carry out its activities, according to the decision of the Council of Ministers issued recently with the need to adhere to all health requirements.

Restaurants, cafes, catering meals, bakeries and similar activities are not allowed to receive the public and to provide her services from 6 am to 5:30 pm through delivery and car services, as for other consumer goods services by delivery only from 6 am to 5 pm .

The municipality requested the Ministry of Commerce to include fish and vegetables markets within the program of the specified opening times and allowed its decision for groceries in isolated areas only to conduct its activities over 24 hours according to the booking appointment system.

As for groceries in the rest of the regions, its working hours are set from 6 am until 5:30 pm and reception of the public according to the prior reservation, with commitment to apply all health requirements.

The municipality allowed the opening of markets for the sale of fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits in accordance with the pre-reservation system from 6 am to 5:30 pm in all governorates with a commitment to apply all health requirements during working hours.

The decision included allowing pharmacies, clinics and private hospitals to operate according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, and also allowed the opening of industrial activities subject to the supervision of the General Authority for Industry according to the conditions and regulations set for them.

The municipality has agreed opening of showroom of cars and equipment, repair and maintenance of all kinds, selling spare parts, washing cars in practicing the activity, as well as maintenance shops of all kinds, laundries, telecommunications stores, the Internet and eyeglasses shops in addition to feed and seed shops in all regions .

Source : Arab Times

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