National Guard and Defense to take over Khaitan and Farwaniya area

A senior level meeting was held between the Army, the National Guard, and the Interior to divide the areas where isolation measures were announced yesterday by the Council of Ministers. The mechanism of work and coordination among them during this isolation period was studied.

The sources stated that the meeting resulted the units of the Kuwait army taking over, isolating and securing the entire Farwaniya area, while the National Guard would be responsible for isolating and securing the Khaitan area.

The sources indicated that the Ministry of the Interior would undertake to isolate and secure the areas of Mahboula, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Hawally and Al-Nugra.

The sources pointed out that clear and explicit instructions were issued to all three authorities in process of isolating and securing the areas the application of the law has to be implemented on everyone and should not tolerate the violators of the ban, also should assist humanitarian cases in those areas by providing them with livelihood needs.

Source : Arab Times

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