Total lockdown won't be extended

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh said that the total ban will end with the end of the period set by the Council of Ministers on May 30, there will be no extension of this ban, but a partial ban will be implemented with life gradually returning back to normal

Al-Saleh said in a press conference after an emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers today, that the details of the partial ban plans will be announced on Thursday with details on life back to normalcy.

The Cabinet had discussed in its extraordinary meeting evaluating past period of the total ban, and reviewed a comprehensive report of the health and security measures taken.

Bader Al-Hamad, Undersecretary of the Civil Services Commission (CSC), spoke in the same news conference about honoring the employees working between February 24 and May 31 financially. He said the committee classified employees working during the pandemic crisis into three segments.

The first were employees of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health who were directly dealing with infected people and suspected of infection, said Al-Hamad.

The second, he added, were people working in government departments who were dealing with suspected cases, working in border crossings, quarantine facilities and clinics.

The third category, said Al-Hamad, were employees working in supporting lines who were assigned to work during the partial or full curfew.

Those employees, continued Al-Hamad, would be honored in accordance with the degree of risk they were exposed to: high and medium.

He said the government would consider people dying from the virus as martyrs, and those infected would be given a special allowance until their recovery.

Source : Arab Times

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