‘Use of sterilization gates at shopping malls in ban risky’

The Kuwait Society of Engineers warned against leniency in the implementation of prevention measures to limit the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), pointing out that relying on steam sterilization gates used in some shopping centers or places which are open during the ban period is risky and could be one of the main reasons behind the high number of infections in some cooperative societies and supermarkets.

President of the society Eng Faisal Al-Atel stated that technical inspection of such gates installed in various locations proved that they cannot fully monitor the consequences of the virus (100 percent). He emphasized the need to tighten technical supervision and to strictly follow the procedures for prevention and personal sterilization.

“Through follow up, it was found that many Covid-19 cases occurred in locations where these devices were installed on their gates. Results have not confirmed their effectiveness; so we warn against continuing to rely on them as sterilization devices, especially in shopping centers or sites where there is a huge crowd during periods the public is allowed to go to these places,” he disclosed.

He explained the autoclave passages (steam sterilization units) use alcoholic substances pumped by compressed steam through sprays placed in compulsory passages, indicating they have large gaps that can cause the spread of viruses through the openings or convergence in the unit and the speed people pass through. “From this standpoint, we warn against relying entirely on these gates. The continuous use of cameras is necessary as a first step toward monitoring those who go to markets.

This is in addition to ensuring proper application and strict compliance with procedures laid down by health authorities such as manual sterilization, social distancing, and wearing masks and gloves to contribute to ongoing efforts to curb the spread of the virus in order to guarantee the safety of everyone,” he concluded.

Source : Arab Times

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