Large number of expat workers ‘illiterate’

“God creates benefits in harms” .. This saying always resonates whenever crisis reveals its fangs and reveal the falsehood of things.

For this reason, Corona crisis has many advantages. Apart from the fact that it has revealed many lapses in economic laws and deficits in labor law and the demographics, the crisis exposed those who flooded Kuwait with uneducated workers (more than 51% of the total workforce).

It has been proven that the country does not need those workers after confirming that they pose a real threat to the country’s economy and security.

They also constitute burden on the state in the framework of efforts to control this category of expatriate workers and ensure their evacuation in large numbers for violating Residence Act.

Recent statistical data confirms that out of 1.77 million individuals with valid residency, 51.5% are “illiterate or have primary certificates or lower.” It indicates the number of illiterate foreign workers in the country is 50,000 among them 795,000 who can read and write with the minimum level of education but they are classified in our time as “illiterate”.

Those holding primary level certificate reach 67,000, while it does not include domestic workers. Sources indicated that low educational level may be one of the main reasons for the outbreak of Corona pandemic among the poorest and marginal groups of the weak expatriate workers from specific nationalities known either in Kuwait in particular or the GCC countries in general, as their poor hygienic culture does not help them.

Sensing severity of the epidemic, in addition to their random system of housing, “their conditions worsen by the day and they do not have direct contact with the external community, such that their culture revolves in their own orbit.

Source : Arab Times

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