Kuwaiti hacker from Salmiya trying to break into MoI site for curfew passes caught

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested an unidentified Kuwaiti who tried to penetrate the Ministry of Interior website and ‘obtain permits’ to facilitate driving and being out on the road during the total curfew which has been imposed in the country until the end of this month by the Council of Ministers.

The Kuwaiti, who is believed to be in his 30s, said during interrogation he is a ‘computer wizard’ and who is classified as a hacker, that he did not seek to ‘forge’ permits to make profit but rather because of the ‘void’ in which he lives and spends much of the time in front of the computer which has created a kind of boredom.

Nonetheless, the Kuwaiti has been referred to the competent authorities The security source said the arrest came after the General Administration of Civil Defense informed the Criminal Security Sector that there was more than one attempt to penetrate the curfew permits site by an unidentified person.

The source explained the CID men managed to determine the source and after further investigations identified the young Kuwaiti living in Salmiya and after getting permission from the Public Prosecution raided the man’s home and seized the computer.

Arab Times 

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