86,000 gas cylinders sold in a day – A record level consumption

With the total lockdown starting on Sunday at 4 p.m. an official source at the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company stated that the consumption of cooking gas cylinders on Saturday (9th May) reached record levels at more than 86,000 gas cylinders for domestic consumption in 76 branches all over Kuwait.

Panic stricken people crowded in front of all branches in Kuwait. there has been no shortage of gas and huge stock to cover daily needs and much more is readily available.

The consumption of the domestic market of gas cylinders in normal days amounts to 50,000 cylinders per day but there was a huge leap in consumption today, he mentioned that the production of the company’s manufacturers to fill gas cylinders amounts to 150,000 cylinders per day and the strategic stock of cooking gas is sufficient for the needs of the local market for many months.

The source expected that consumption will rise on Sunday hours before the total lockdown comes into effect. Kuwait Oil Tankers Company is ready for this and will cover all requests of gas branches.

Arab Times 

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