Highlights from Full lock-down announcement

  • Sectors excluded from the total ban are the health and security authorities, the vital services sector such as electricity, oil, municipality and private sector companies that serve these vital activities.
  • Everyone has only one appointment per week for shopping at Co-ops, Supermarkets/ food supplies via bar-code.. www.moci.shop/ and organized the issue of gas cylinders through reservation or delivery.
  • Groceries at residential areas remain open.
  • Main branches of banks to operate on minimal timing during lockdown period.
  • Air conditioning/maintenance companies and everything that serves people is exempted from closure.
  • Allows walking exercise at residential areas from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Cooperative societies sector is fully prepared to meet all the needs of Citizens and expats inside the areas via bar-code, everyone has only one appointment per week for shopping

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