6 Private schools warned for not paying staff salary

The Assistant Undersecretary of Ministry of Education Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Huwaila, revealed that the Ministry received a number of grievances related to non-payment of salaries of staff in some private schools through the electronic service designated to receive complaints. After cross checking it was found 6 private schools have violated the law on recent decision that requires to pay staff their wages.

Al-Huwaila emphasized that the private education sector had notified all schools who violated the laws and urged them to abide by the regulatory decisions issued by the Ministry of Education, “We also requested that the General Administration of Private schools to provide with the payroll for March 2020.”

Al-Huwaila pointed out that the General Authority for Manpower is notified of the observations of the Ministry represented in the private education sector regarding observations related to 3 private schools that indicate their violation of the decisions regulating salaries and the wages of their employees to take the necessary measures against them and stop transactions.

Arab Times

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