Be prepared ‘to return’ to work

The government is said to have issued directives to ministries and government agencies to ‘prepare’ to return to work according to plans taking into account all data, irrespective whether work was stopped due to the spread of the coronavirus or whether the scenario should continue or what necessary steps need to be taken.

The same sources stated that there is a conviction that is forming among various countries of the world, including Kuwait, that the situation cannot continue as it is in terms of continuing to close businesses and disrupt the cycle of the economy, and therefore every request was made to prepare to return to work according to the dates which the government determines in coordination with the health authorities and other data which is being constantly monitored by the concerned authorities.

The sources pointed out that “technological solutions and dealing electronically with the situation will play a decisive role in many areas, as the government is keen to develop plans to guarantee the provision of services to citizens and residents with a minimum necessity of personal presence within the institutions, in order to prevent gatherings and to avoid crowds.

Source : Arab Times

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