Two car rental offices involved in selling visas – Residence violators expose human traffickers

General Administration of Residence Affairs investigation team arrested a Kuwaiti, an Arab and a Bedoun for their involvement in human trafficking. They had sold 16 visas under car rental offices for a fee ranging between 1,500 KD to 1,700 KD per expat which they have admitted their involvement.

According to a security source, 3 expatriates surrendered to take advantage of amnesty laid by Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior. While listening to their statements regarding the justifications for their violation of the residence law, they said that they arrived in Kuwait about a year and a half ago on free visa and upon applying to renew their residence they were asked for an amount of 500 KD in exchange for renewal, they tried to persuade the visa sellers that they were unable to pay the amount because they did not work consistently, and their request to renew their residency was rejected hence they were forced to violate the law.

The source stated that investigations were made about the companies that they came through and it was found that they were related to under sponsorship of two car rental offices. It was found that one of the offices was opened for a period of one month and after its doors were closed.

The owner of the company was arrested in Hawally, who is a Kuwaiti citizen. He said that a representative had leased the license from him he too was arrested in Farwaniya, where he admitted that in coordination with the Bedoun who was arrested in Jahra had brought the labor with the intent to trade in it.

Source : Arab Times

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