No extension for amnesty – 135,000 residence violators still hiding in residential areas

The Ministry of Interior has stated that it has not decided to extend the amnesty period for residence violators hence Thursday 30th April will be the last date as previously announced as per the schedule.

A group of African nationals heading towards a particular point to be taken to the registration center

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh reviewed a report prepared by the security leaders from amnesty centers. The precised date of their departure to their homeland is not specified which constitutes a huge burden on the security men and all state agencies, and it drains a great effort and resources in light of the health crisis that the whole world is going through.

The sources added that the total of the violators who benefited from the deadline that ends on 30th April and up till now about 25,000 expatriates out of a total of approximately 160,000 violators, which means that 135,000 residents refused to take advantage of amnesty and are still hiding in residential areas.

The sources pointed out that the report also recommended that all shelters should not be used taking into account many other things which will be needed for emergency. Noting that those countries who have refused to open airspace for their citizens the time limit may be reopened again for those wishing to leave.

Source : Arab Times

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