1.5 million expats with high school degrees.

A government statistic, referred to the National Assembly, revealed that the number of expatriate workers with high school diplomas and below reached about one and a half million without counting domestic workers. There has been an increase of 200,000 laborers in the last 5 years.

The number of workers with an average certificate is approximately 900,000 workers, compared to 114,000 workers with a primary certificate.

The holders of a university degree at the end of 2019 were about 212,000 workers, whereas 12,000 workers with a postgraduate degree.

The Parliamentary Human Resources Committee seeks to define a quota for nationalities through a law in order to address demographic imbalances and limit the flow of expatriates into the labor market reports al qabas. On other hand the government will estimate this percentage through a technical committee in a way that it does not harm the functioning of the public and private sector by replacing expats with Kuwaitis.

Source- Arab Times.


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