Proposal on institutional quarantine for 31 restricted countries a positive step – Travel Agencies.

The Travel and Tourism Bureau stated that the study in regards to proposal of cancelling the decision of ban on passengers coming into Kuwait from 31 countries in coordination with the health ministry and DGCA with application of institutional quarantine in Kuwait is a step in the right direction.

The Federation of Travel and Tourism Agencies confirmed that this decision would activate the national airline sector, save 430 travel offices and give all Kuwaiti hotels a new life line. This move will not cost the state any financial burden right from food to institutional quarantine of 14 days as the expenses will be borne by the passengers who wish to travel to Kuwait as is the case in Jordan and a number of countries.

The Kuwaiti Travel and Tourism Bureau affirmed that this procedure, if implemented, will be a start to open the economy and accelerate the return to normal life, reports Al Rai.

Instead of shutting the country and crashing its own economy it is much healthier to by adhering to health conditions implemented by Ministry of Health and taking positive steps will help significantly and will contribute to to return to normalcy as many expats are needed back which are vital in some sectors.

Source- Arab Times.


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