Car march to be held requesting govt to help restaurant owners

A march will be organized by the owners of small businesses and shops affected by the coronavirus pandemic at eleven in the morning, which will kick off for an hour by car, from Parliament to Seif Palace back and forth, reports Al Qabas.

The founder and director of the Kuwait Restaurant Owners Association, Hamed bin Hamad, made a statement to the daily that the march will be sticking to the left side. Bin Hamad said that the participants in this march have only two demands, namely compensation for small and medium-sized companies that suffered due to the closing of businesses as precautionary measures against the coronavirus, and opening all commercial activities while adhering to health requirements.

Urging His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled for assistance, he said that Kuwait’s citizens, who are owners of businesses, are suffering, and the government should take the keys to their stores if they are not protected and demands fulfilled.

Speaking on the size of the losses, bin Hamad stressed the inability to calculate them, but everyone is suffering and is in a state of shock by the accumulation of debts and possibility of imprisonment. He added that the issue is bigger and more than just the climate of the market, as majority victims are young men and women in Kuwait, who cannot wait, and the government must rescue its nationals who have trusted its continuous encouragement to work.

Bin Hamad remarked that it not the owner’s fault for obeying the government’s decisions to close their stores, and pointed out that the march is a way to achieve their demands. “We cannot tolerate a government decision that affected and destroyed our future,” he stated.


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