Review after every 10 days on 31 banned countries

All types of visas issued before March 13th are considered as cancelled

 The decision to prevent expats from 31 countries will be reviewed every 10 days as per the WHO report based on the increase and decrease of infections in those countries. The decision may include setting up a mechanism giving priority for certain expats such as judges, doctors, nurses, teachers as per the need will be allowed to return to the country first.

When Kuwaiti citizens were prevented from entering the European Union, the government understood this decision and did not protest. Health measures were taken keeping in view safety of the country as all countries understood this decision as it is a sovereign decision for Kuwait.

All types of visas issued before March 13th are considered as cancelled, those who wish to obtain again will have to apply in accordance to the terms and conditions which will be announced very soon.

The Ministry of Interior received an official letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which it sought its legal opinion on the validity of new visas issued before March 13th. Despite all required formalities and legalities were completed to acquire/issue visas, expats who are outside the country were unable to enter as airport were shut from March 12th.

The sources reported to Al Qabas the Ministry of Interior after conducting their study where other relevant bodies submitted its report to consider all types of visas to be canceled by law as their validity period had already passed and the visas were expired as it is over 5 months.

Visas include visit visas for family, tourist, commercial and governmental visits as well as visas of all kinds dependent and work visa. The mechanism with relevant authority is underway to setup a specific mechanism for all visas issued before 13th March.

Source- Arab Times


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