15,000 illegal residents status amended

The Ministry of Interior decided to cancel the deportation for residence violators who violated their stay from 2nd Jan to 29th Feb due to the closure of government ministries due to precautionary measures to reduce spread of Corona pandemic.

A security source stated that “For humanitarian reasons and to amend the status of approximately 15,000 people whose residence expired or were on a tourist or commercial visit in Kuwait the Ministry of Interior had previously decided to deport them later it was decided to amend their status and grant them temporary residence until August 31st.”

The source pointed out that according to the new decision for frequent visitors can travel normally without being deported as he/she can enter the country whenever he/she wishes, the decision will come into force next week.

The Ministry of the Interior also affirmed that it is not permissible to amend status of violators who over stayed prior to 1st of Jan, hence it is necessary for those to leave the country voluntarily or deport them and without enabling them to amend their legal status except for those who have first degree relations like husband, wife and children of Kuwait citizen and also their domestic workers.

Within the framework to amend the demographics, the General Administration of Residence Affairs directed the provincial administrations to stamp residency for only one year to workers in the government sector “Article 17” and servants “Article 20” family “Article 22” and students with scholarships “Article 23” Self sponsorship “Article 24”, while “Article 18” for workers in the private sector is linked to duration of the work permit.

Source : Arab Times


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