Civil IDs , Driving licenses of curfew violators confiscated

The Farwaniya security men confiscated the Civil IDs and driving licences from some Kuwaitis (women) on the first day of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday for violating the total curfew and coming out on the streets without justifiable reasons and asked their guardians to come to the police station to give an explanation.

According to what was reported by a security source the Farwaniya securitymen, on the morning of the first day of Eid Al- Fitr, intensified security points in various areas of the governorate to ensure that the total ban was not violated, but they were surprised by some citizens who were out on the street to visit their relatives to greet on the festive occasion without regard for the total ban.

“With instructions from the security leaders, the security officials decided not to apply the law in its entirety, due to several considerations, including the presence of children with them, so they decided to withdraw their civil cards (27 cards) and driving licenses, and force them to return to their homes, and ask their guardians to visit the police station later.

However, if the offense is repeated the ministry said the violators will be dealt with according to the law – they will be arrested and legal measures taken against them.

Source : Arab Times


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