GCC Ministers Assert Saudi-Kuwait Ownership Of Al-Durra Field Resources

The GCC foreign ministers affirmed on Thursday that the natural resources in the submerged zone adjacent to the Saudi-Kuwait divided zone including the whole Al-Durra field are solely “a joint property for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait.” The affirmation came in the final statement of the GCC 157th ministerial session held at the GCC headquarters in Riyadh. The statement affirmed the GCC states’ emphatic rejection of allegations about any other party’s rights except for those that belong to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia either in Al-Durra field or the submerged region adjacent to the divided zone. The ministers during the meeting touched on joint action issues, regional and international affairs.

Meanwhile, the Al-Khafji Joint Operations declared on Thursday resumption of crude oil production in the divided zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The operations administration said on its official account on X website that the output resumption began on Tuesday as part of the first phase after completing maintenance of the land production installations. The resumption of the production came following strenuous efforts by the tasked operations teams. The joint operations includes the Kuwaiti Gulf Oil Company and ARAMCO for Gulf Operations. It is headquartered in the Saudi city of Al-Khafji, some 130 kms south of the Kuwaiti capital.

Source- Arab Times.

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