India is going to celebrate its 74th  independence  on 15 August 2021  and subsequently going to start it’s a yearlong celebration for 75thIndependence for coming year. This is the greatest and a day symbol of celebration for almost 1400 million Indians across the globe. This year’s Independence Day coincides with another global sporting event a festival of Olympics where almost all the nations across the world take part to demonstrate their skills talents and endeavors to excel and achieve something extraordinary for the glory of their Nations and for personal best. This coincidence of two events reminds me of our mini-Olympics which we would conduct in our colony or Mohalla every year. People of our age who are born in 70s belong to anastonishingara who experienced every new invention and raised with the growth of India. whether it is the introduction of electronic media Phones, TVs, computers, mobiles, emerging of IT and its contribution to  live streaming many sporting events to every home. This period was also start of joy of watching live sporting events which were started with 1982 Asian Games, Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 and subsequent live streaming of cricket events like1983 world cup or Benson and Hedges series from Australia. This was not less than a miracle or wonder for our eyes. We were stunned and over excited to see how a goal is scored or a sixer is lofted as well as  a diving player catching a ball in a slow motion

Now coming to my Olympics and independence day event, the much awaited day of 15th August would start at 5am with listening to patriotic songs form loudspeakers mounted on community hall, melodious songs like Mere deshkidharti by Mahinderkapoor , Karchale ham fidajan o tan sathiyo by Mohd Rafi , Ae mere pyarewatan by Manna de or Ae mere watanke logo, and sarejahan se acchha by melodious queen Lataji.We the children eagerly wait for the Mohalla leader to come and raise the flag and joy of singing loudly There National Anthem janagana mana and followed by distribution of Nutrine chocolates which used to be the remarkable declaration of beginning of our Olympic event. Our community with a small open ground was not less than a grand Olympic village. An Indoor community hall would host events like Badminton, Tabletennis, Chess , Carrom , Karate, Judo , Wrestling and body Building , Whereas open ground would host Volleyball , Six a side hockey , Football, Athletics and the prime event of the day KABBADDI which used to attract highest number of spectators even from surrounding roof tops.  Girls would play another Indian traditional sport KHO KHO and skipping rope. Finally a grand concluding ceremony, which includes prize distribution from a political leader his speech and a musical event with comedy and mimicry by community boys will declare the end of a great day.

The sorrow of losing, joy of winning and self-commitment that we will come back next year with improved skills to achieve more and more would be the takeaway message from dear event

This year’s Tokyo Olympics brought some much-needed cheers to Indians with a golden touch given by Neeraj Chopra.  India ended its Olympic campaign and action when Neeraj Chopra scripted history with his gold medal  in men’s javelin throw for independent India’s first athletics medal. With that, India finished with 7 medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze) to turn the Tokyo campaign into the country’s most successful Olympic Games ever. But for for me a silent question still comes in my mind is it enough for us such a great nation ? the answer is NO as a nation of 1400 million we need to win and shine more. Take an example of a tiny nation San Marino hardly an athletics powerhouse with a population of roughly 30,000, it is the smallest country to win medals with only 5 athletes participated  and won three medals.

Primarily few questions comes to my mind what and where we lack?  do we have infra to produce world class athletes? and world champions,  are we a sport loving nation?  the answer is No, presently we are a cricketing nation we breathe drink and eat Cricket. Unless and until we don’t give the deserving status to other sports and high grades and prestige to our other hard-working athletes our misery might continue. Cricket though I have played, and a fan too has eaten other sports like voracious shark. Landscape of Indian sports has drastically changed, every sporting ground intended for hockey, football athletics or even basketball has turned to into a cricket nursery. If we want to see our children stand on golden podium of Olympics show our glory, we should nurture and give care to other sports a place it deserves. With a great ray of hope and a new journey from Tokyo and couplet from Iqbal I would end my article

Utha Na SheeshaGaran-e-FarangKe Ehsan
Sifal-e-Hind Se Meena-o-JaamPaidaKar

Don’t ask glittering crystalline west for the favours for your growth

From India’s own clay mould make your cups and your flask.

Abdul Azeem

Structural Engineer Kuwait

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