PM Modi’s ‘dreams’ and ‘reality’ tweet as he inaugurates new Parliament building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said “our hearts and minds are filled with pride, hope and promise” as the new Parliament building is being inaugurated on Sunday.

“As the new building of India’s Parliament is inaugurated, our hearts and minds are filled with pride, hope and promise. May this iconic building be a cradle of empowerment, igniting dreams and nurturing them into reality. May it propel our great nation to new heights of progress,” Modi tweeted.

Modi dedicated the new Parliament building to the nation by unveiling the plaque marking the inauguration. Ahead of the inauguration, Modi also felicitated the construction workers with traditional shawls and handed over mementoes.

Meanwhile, ‘Sarv-dharma’ prayers are underway at the new Parliament building, with priests from different religions reciting the traditional verses.

Earlier, Modi installed the sacred ‘Sengol’ in the new Lok Sabha chamber, right next to the Speaker’s chair, after performing puja.

He also bowed down as a mark of respect before the ‘Sengol’ during the ceremony to mark the beginning of the inauguration ceremony.

He was handed over the historic ‘Sengol’ by Adheenams before its installation in the new Parliament building. The ‘Sengol’ was installed as a national symbol of the Amrit Kaal.

After the installation of ‘Sengol’, the Prime Minister also received the blessings of seers of different Adheenams from Tamil Nadu.

This is the same Sengol that was accepted by the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru at his residence on the night of August 14, in the presence of several leaders.

At 11:30am, all the invitees including members of Parliament, Lok Sabha Speaker and Rajya Sabha, chairman and other distinguished guests are expected to be seated in the Lok Sabha chamber in the new building.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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