Chinese transgressions remain potential trigger for escalations: Army Chief.

General Manoj Pande on Monday stated that China’s transgressions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) continue to be a potential trigger for escalation and that the Indian Army is firm’ and resolute in dealing with the PLA Army.

“We have sufficient reserves and are ready to deal with any contingency.” “Our readiness remains high, and troops continue to deal with the PLA in a firm, resolute, and measured manner, all while ensuring the sanctity of our claims,” he said.

He further explained that pockets of dispute and contested claims to the territory continue to exist due to differing perceptions of the alignment of LAC.

The army chief was addressing a gathering of defence intellectuals and research experts during the Second Strategic Dialogue on the rise of China and its implications for the world organised by the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).

Concerning the Sino-American rivalry, the army chief stated, “China’s rise is driven by its regional and global aspirations for a much larger and higher seat at the high table. The Chinese urgency to replace the US as the global net security provider is reflected in the brokering of peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as the presentation of the Chinese 12-point peace plan for ending the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict,” he said.

Earlier in the speech, the army chief said, “The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has only added to the turbulence in the landscape with many aspects emerging profoundly in the geopolitical security calculus. “The relevance of hard power has been reaffirmed along with the primacy of the land in determining the victory markers and the imperative to be prepared for the long haul,” he said

According to Army chief, the current engagement mechanisms exist at the political, diplomatic and military levels which are optimally utilised to ensure stability along the LAC and talks are continuing under this establishment mechanism. “China has over the years accrued significant capacities for force mobilisation, application and sustenance of military operations. Consequent to the development of infrastructure of military significance- be it roads, airfields, helipads and or belating structures,” he said.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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