Now, Russian officials cannot use most foreign words: Vladimir Putin’s new law.

An order signed by Russian president Vladimir Putin effectively prevents government officials in the country from using foreign words and expressions while carrying out their work, news agency Reuters reported. According to the amended law, Russian officials will be bound to formally use Russian, the report added quoting Russian government’s official website which showed that the new amendments have been brought to the 2005 law and are aim to “protect and support the status of Russia.”

“When using Russian as the state language of the Russian Federation, it is not allowed to use words and expressions that do not correspond to the norms of modern Russian … with the exception of foreign words which do not have widely-used corresponding equivalents in Russian,” the site read.

Following the order, the government commission will initiate a procedure to compile and endorse a list that issues the requirements for such publications, and dictionaries that will also be approved by the cabinet, the report added.

Prior to the law, officials were also prohibited from using words and phrases that didn’t conform to the norms of the modern literary Russian language, including obscenities, the report added. However, the new amendments do not include punishments for individuals who fail to follow the updated law. A separate list of foreign words that can still be used will be published separately, the report said, adding that the list of these words will be published in dictionaries and reference books.

Source- Hindustan Times.

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